We are ready to jump back in the saddle for Season 2

After a couple weeks of a much needed break (due to work and life) the guys are ready to start recording new episodes.  In this episode, Ken and Koko catch up a bit, talk about things to come, and intro an oldie but a goodie episode that created the first jump in listeners to the show.

Thanks for continuing to listen and we look forward to your participation in the future.

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Fireside Chats with Rocky and the local Fire Department – Show #68


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In this episode, Ken and Koko have the pleasure of meeting and conversating with Rochy Socha from the What’s the Fuss Podcast.  The guys talk about his show along with, a myriad of topics while sitting next to a huge… HUGE fire.

Oh — and the local Fire Department and two Sherrif’s deputies show up to make sure we are safe and unharmed. 🙂

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