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The other side of the argument (Vote NO on 13) – Show #97

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On this episode, we get a full dose of education surrounding the current state constitutional amendment to essentially ban Greyhound racing (Amendment 13).  We hear from a Kennel Owner (AJ Grant), General Manager of SOKC (Mitch Cohen), and phenomenally talented artist / part-time activist (Jeff from Paint the Trail).

We talk about the actual treatment of the greyhounds at the track, the provisions behind Amendment 13, and the impact to jobs and our local economy.

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Master Cecil from The Woodshed Orlando – Show #96

WOW, the ladies hit it out of the park on this episode! or

In this episode, we have Master Cecil from the Woodshed on to provide us an education on the KINK scene and this was an absolute blast!  The Woodshed focuses on education via their all volunteer staff of Dungeon Masters (DM’s) demonstrating/teaching the safe way to exercise kink and S&M the right way.

The ladies talk bondage, rope play, consent, and many other topics within an hour and twenty minutes and we have alot more to cover in future episodes.

Special thanks to Kait for securing a great guest for this ‘all ladies’ show and we can’t say enough great things about Master Cecil and Darcy.

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The Woodshed Orlando is located at: 6431 Milner Boulevard Suite 4, Orlando, Fl 32809

Their email is:

They can be found on Facebook at:

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Experiencing Restaurant Impossible- Show#95

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In this episode, we have the owner of Tornatore’s Pizzeria (Denny Tornatore) in studio with us to share his experience on the show Restaurant Impossible: Season 11 – Episode 7.

Even though we attempt to distract him with multiple non-sequiturs, Mr. Tonatore shares his full experience as he details the lengthy submission process, initial tearful reaction to the show’s first ambush/takeover (“it was allergy season”), the experience working with Mr. Robert Irvine, his interaction with the production crew on and off the set, along with the current status of his restaurant and future vision.

Then, we express our gratitude to Denny (in the weirdest way) as we discuss our new relationship with his restaurant and their willingness to support our program through sponsorship.

We stated it on the show but, huge thanks to Denny and the staff at Tornatore’s Pizzeria (most notably Mr. Piesenburg) for believing in the vision for our show and helping us continue our growth after our first year.

The show should make you chuckle a bit and we would love to hear your feedback on our Facebook page at or our email address at

Tornatore’s Pizzeria can be found at 3818 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804. Please be sure to order one of their fresh signature made pizzas, fresh in-house made pasta (the noodles are not from a package), and an awesome desert — with a bit of wine in between.

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D-RUGG, no further introduction required! – Show #94

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Thank you for listening to our show and you’ll have to buckle up for this roller coaster. 🙂

In this episode, we discuss cartoons, sex with cartoon characters, fashion, video games, basketball, football, movies, Superhumman, music, entertainment in general, mumble rap, screamo metal, country, finger in Koko’s rear-end during sexy time… and the list goes on.

Enjoy this episode because we enjoyed recording it with D-RUGG and Blake.

If you have any compliments or complaints, please write us at

Check out D-RUGG at:
Check out Blake on IG @blakecombutler

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Live music with Skunkape – Show #93

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Wow, Ken’s dream of having live music in the studio has come true and it was an awesome first time experience.

In this episode, we have the Ocala based Reggae/Fusion band (Skunkape) in studio for a chat where we discuss the formation of the band, the inspiration behind their music and a brotherhood based on lies? lol!

Then, the guys take a break to play 5-songs (two will be aired on this show) and we come back to talk about the meaning of each song and upcoming shows for the group.

Special thanks to Jenn for helping us secure great bands in studio with us. 🙂

We had a blast with Skunkape in studio with us and we hope you enjoy the episode.

Check them out at write them at or find them on Instagram @skunkapeband

Live music with Skunkape – Show #93

Can’t wait to have more bands in studio with us but, big thanks to Skunkape for being the first and allowing us to work out the kinks. (Vocals will be a tad lower for our next band…)

Listen when you get a chance and we will have the remaining un-aired songs on future shows 🙂

Oh and call us or text us at 702-907-6635 or email us at We will play your voicemail on the show.

Thank you again for listening!

Ken Hill – Vocals/Guitar

Taylor Johnson – Vocals

Steve DiBiasio – Bass

Austin Williamson – Drums

Will Mcclung – Keys

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