Bikers, Bicyclists, North Korea, and Danny Trejo – Show #60

In this episode, the guys talk about a myriad of topics centered around Ken’s frustrations of the day.  After perusing the numerous Facebook videos, Ken and Koko talk about Bikers (Motorcyclists) and the many… many… many people texting and driving without regard for the 2-wheels sharing the roads resulting in multiple road rage incidences.

That conversation quickly segues in to the ridiculousness of bicyclists (mostly teens) crowding the streets, blocking traffic, and just being annoying little (insert word here). After break, with an attempt to calm down from the conversation earlier, the guys talk a bit about North Korea and the precarious situation the globe faces as we deal with an unpredictable dictator.

Lastly, the guys lighten up the mood, with Koko’s Celebrity Junk segment, discussing Danny Trejo. He’s an awesome dude with a cool story.

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