Cosplay with the beautiful Colossal Smidgen – Show #33

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On this episode, we had the pleasure of discussing cosplay with a local cosplayer, Colossal Smidgen.  Our conversation goes in many directions but, to quickly summarize discuss:

– Smidge’s background and how she entered cosplay

– Her ability to quickly grasp and utilize social media to increase her brand

– The use of Patreon and how it enables her to receive income to increase her ability to create bigger and better costumes

– We discuss her modeling and the cross-section of sexuality and craftiness in cosplay

– The introduction of her Twitch account

– What’s next? The future of her cosplay career

Here’s the info for Colossal Smidgen:

Facebook: @ColossalSmidgenCosplay

Instagram: @ColossalSmidgen

Patreon: @ColossalSmidgen

Twitch: @ColossalSmidgen

—- Special thanks to Dingo of Tiny Dingo Photography –

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