Derby Day at the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club – Show #84

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Wow!!! For our first Live event, we hit it out of the park!! We had the privilege of broadcasting from the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club during Derby Day.  We had a blast speaking with the Kennel Owners from Bolton Racing, Celtic Racing, and Larson Racing.  Then we had a moment to shoot the breeze with the General Manager of the Track, (Mitch Cohen) and the Mayor of Longwood (Ben Paris).  In between all of our banter, the Shot Doctor stops by to talk sports with us and we are so very grateful. 🙂

Special thanks to Jeff (with Paint The Trail) and Mitch (from SOKC) for being great hosts and helping us put this event together.  This was our first event and we look forward to many more.

Oh.. and we were live on Facebook.

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