IRMA + No Power + Board Games = Loads of Fun! – Show #58

In this episode, Koko laments about his current NO POWER situation and sends a special shout out to the local utilities company…. “bad idea”.  But, what do you do when you don’t have power?  You start finding other ways to entertain you and your family without technology and mobile devices.

Which brings us to the wholesome fun of Board Games.  Do you remember playing Monopoly, Bubble Trouble, Sorry, Risk, Battleship, UNO, Chess, etc?  The list can go on and we discuss how board games forced us to actually use our brains, imagine, form deductive reasoning skills, and entertain ourselves without the use of electronics.  Those were the days….

Also, we end the show with a quick profile of Steve Buscemi.

Fun episode so check it out!

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