Live in Studio with Auditory Armory – Show #111

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These music shows continue to get better and better!  In this episode, we have Auditory Armory in to enjoy some food and beverages with us and oh.. they played some songs and we talked about some interesting topics.  In an effort to change it up, we decided to not have a typical band interview show and we would love it if you checked it out. 🙂

Huge thanks to Syed, Bivo, and of course Auditory Armory for coming in and having fun with us in studio. 

Please be sure to check out their Facebook and IG pages @auditoryarmory or

The video for the performance can be found on our Facebook Group Page by the end of the week and we have FREE stickers and magnets available so join our group page at or email us at with an address and we will send them out at no charge.  

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