Live in Studio with Electric Dawn – Show #109

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Wow these music shows continue to get more fun with each one we do.  As our 4th band in studio, we learned a bit more about how to improve sound for future bands and will continue to strive the quality (we are about 60% there right now).  With all that said, these guys were awesome to say the least.  

We had a great time meeting the band, learning about the recent concept album, and enjoying the food and drink before and during the show! 🙂  These guys were a blast to meet and chat with and we hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed recording it with them.

Please be sure to check out their Facebook and IG pages @electricdawnmusic or Also, their music can be found on Bandcamp and we would love for you to like and share their page! 

Thank you again to the guys at Electric Dawn and we will continue to improve the audio quality for future shows. 

The video for the performance can be found on our Facebook Group Page by the end of the week and we have FREE stickers and magnets available so join our group page at or email us at with an address and we will send them out at no charge.  

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