Our 50th Show!! Check it out, we had a blast and try new things :)

Well, a small hobby that survived the first few months has now grown to 50 episodes and we only have you (the listener) to thank.

Thank you for continuing to like and share the show with friends and family.

in this episode, we try a lot of new things and we would love to hear your feedback via email at show@onekaway.com or text message at 702-907-6635.

We introduce two new segments for our new show and play voicemails from a few of our supporters and podcasting coaches.

Thank you again for all of your love and support.



In this episode, we have snippets of our favorite artists and songs for preview in order of play:

– Zedd ft. Alessia Cara – Stay

– Echos (cover) – Shadow of the Day

– Major Lazer – Know no Better

– Sigma ft. Labrinth – Higher

– David Guetta and Justin Bieber – 2U


Click to listen!

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