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V-Day for Valentines and Vaping! – Show #72

In today’s episode, we want to send some special Valentines Day wishes to all of you single and attached folks.  We have the wonderful Kirsten in studio with us and we discuss our first “Valentimes” Day, our most memorable experience, and Kirsten provides some recommendations for the guys and gals out there.

Then, we completely switch gears and talk about vaping?  It’s V-Day after all….

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Slap yo momma for $6mil? – Show #71

Would you allow a stranger to spend an evening with your significant other for $50k, would you slap your mom for $6mil?  These are the hard hitting topics we discuss in this episode.  Oh, and we talk about the San Diego teacher wanting to make a point a Border Patrol Checkpoint.

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Blair Baker and Dating: Part III – Show #70

In this episode, Blair comes in to catch-up with us since we saw her last year in Episode 42.  On this show, we chat about her new hair color, roommate situation, upcoming show (Face of a Feminist), Orlando Indie Comedy Fest, and of course “Blair’s Sexual Conquest”.

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We are ready to jump back in the saddle for Season 2

After a couple weeks of a much needed break (due to work and life) the guys are ready to start recording new episodes.  In this episode, Ken and Koko catch up a bit, talk about things to come, and intro an oldie but a goodie episode that created the first jump in listeners to the show.

Thanks for continuing to listen and we look forward to your participation in the future.

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