Yoga on oneKaway with Ana and Simone – Show #110

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Wow!  Ken and Koko do yoga and it was quite the interesting experience (Koko farted twice and Ken didn’t know his left from his right).  

In this episode, we meet Ana and Simone, talk a bit about yoga and then the guys try to get a crash course in Downward Dog, Cobra, Baby, and a ton of other poses during an introductory 30-minute session (condensed to 10-mins for our podcast listeners and the full video clip can be found on our group page).  

Please like an follow @guidetoyourspiritualself and @mo_healing on Facebook and Instagram.  Ana and Simone were phenomenal guests and ensured we felt comfortable as we were embarrassing ourselves. 

Special thanks to “Rufio” aka Jay for sitting in and commentating during our yoga-sesh. 

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